Lockwood Matches

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Report results to Addie email: addie111@mymts.net or phone 250-7621 or 452-5974  

Both players are responsible for arranging their matches. The date at the top of the column is the completed by date. Players have until 10:00 p.m. of the completed date to send in their results.

Failure to do so will result in disqualification for both players.
There will be no EXCEPTIONS or EXTENTIONS.

REMEMBER : These are your Tournaments Have Fun and GOOD LUCK

Completed by: 10-Feb 24-Feb 10-Mar T.B.D.
WAYNE MOAR 371-1752  
FRED PEEBLES 918-4370    
BLAIR LAWSON 997-3934    
WARREN DYER 230-5156      
DAN LOUGHEED 795-1021        
GARRY MARSHALL 801-2891        
CURT BEAUDOIN 291-8207    
    2018-2019 CHAMPION
DAVE BLACKLAW 771-1277    
DAVE PHILP 782-2075      
RICK HUTCHEON 795-0213        
RICHARD URBANIK 661-5923        
STEVE KINGYENS 794-0237    
STEVE JONES 771-5132    
GUY SMITH 299-8996    
JEFF CORLEY 832-6738  







Match is to 500 points from scratch with the Winner to advise convenor of the results