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Please help me Congratulate Don Senkiw on becoming an official English Billiards Examiner

To WVEBL & PanAm Cup committee,

Congratulations Don on being appointed as an English Billiards Examiner by RACCS (Referees Association for Canadian Cue Sports), I was very pleased to nominate you and recommend your appointment.

I am writing to WVEBL  in order that they are aware and can use Don to improve the league players understanding of the rules and any amendments. Don has attended both types of seminar, both for referees and players and indeed conducted one himself under my supervision.

 I am also including members of the Pan Am Cup committee as I was very grateful for their accommodation regarding my extra curricular activities and using Don in order to obtain more independence for Manitoba, when time was at a premium.

He is in a position to instruct players/clubs and mentor existing referees and will be able to inform all sections on rules changes and clarifications. I will always be available to assist and advise Don but it means that Winnipeg does not have to necessarily wait two years for new qualifications and upgrades.

I would recommend that once the revised rule book is published on the World Snooker website on August 11th, copies of any revisions be downloaded and studied and mini seminars held for all clubs/teams, as well as a refresher seminar for all qualified referees.

Again congratulations Don
Yours in English Billiards

Fondest regards


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