The following article was an interview that Rick Sparling did prior to the 2017 Americas' Cup/Vimy Ridge Tournament to be used in the event program. Unfortunately it did not get published. Rick asked me to include on our website as a tribute to Jim

Jim Simm was born in 1933; his ancestors from England on his father's side and Germany on his mother's. Jim was married for 47 years and is now widowed. He has 5 children; 3 boys and 2 girls, all living in Winnipeg. He enjoys all of the holidays, as it gives the family the chance to get together and celebrate. He worked for 35 years at the CPR and took early retirement at age 55. His goal is to match his 35 years of working pay cheques to that of receiving pension cheques...that means he needs to reach 90 years of age to be able to do so. He looks pretty fit for 84, so this shouldn't be a problem.


Jim played some snooker during his high school days at a pool hall on Portage Avenue in St. James called Harry's Pool Room. He was in the Grenadier Reserves and since his father was on the membership committee at the St. James Legion, he signed up in 1954. That's where he got his first look at english billiards. Teams were limited to 7 players and there was no room for him to get on a team that year. He continued to play some snooker at the Legion and within 3 years there was an opening and he managed to get on with the St. James Legion team.


The photo above is from the 1976-77 year in which he was on his 4th Shield winning team. That shield is the Jack Sparrow Memorial trophy awarded to the league champions. Jim has been on the winning team a total of 14 times. He has also won the Bardal trophy once in 1969-70 (competition for -35 handicappers and higher) and the Harry Lockwood trophy twice. Once in 1975-76 and again in 1977-78 (open to the top 16 highest handicappers) Jim's highest handicap over the years was -170 and he had a high run of 87. Right after he ran the 87, his opponent, (Wally Bullas) ran over 100 to win the game. 


When asked what his most memorable moment in his 60 years in the league (1957-2017) Jim said it was during his first Lockwood win. At the end, needing only 2 points, he had a choice between an easy cannon, an easy pot or an easy in-off and when he was ready to fire he said his arm was shaking so bad he barely made the cannon for the win.


He recalls in those early days playing in the league he travelled by city bus across town for some of his matches and since there weren't any 2 piece cues at that time he carried a one piece on the bus. A fairly awkward task.


One other memorable moment for Jim was when he was referee for a match that Mike Russell, world champion billiard player from the UK, was playing in the American Cup back in 2015. He mentioned it gets a little difficult when you have to keep the count going up over 250 - 300 points when you're used to counting much less.


So after 60 years and some 346 games, Jim Simm is ready to sign up for the 2017-18 season.


His love of the game is paramount in making Jim a great ambassador of english billiards and the Winnipeg Veteran's English Billiard League.

The Finals are now set. We will see Norwood #2 vs Charleswood #1. Follow link http://www.wvebl.com/league_stats/18_19_Playoffs.html

Good Luck to all players

Celebration of Jim's life will take place

Sunday May 5, 2019 - 1300 hours at St James Legion #4.

 It is with great sadness I was just informed that Jim Simm, Life member of the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League and an active member of our league for 60 years, passed away Sunday April 7, 2019.

 I do not have any more details at this moment, but will pass it on as I receive. 


He will be missed, WE WILL REMEMBER HIM

Fun Fact:

In the 18-19 Regular season we had 685 breaks over 30 points

Since we started recording in 2010-2011 season, we have had

6087 breaks over 30 points in regular season and 507 in playoffs (not all got recorded, so could be more)

Good luck to all the players in the upcoming playoffs.

Congratulations to   - 18-19 League Champions.



Congratulations to the following 2018-2019 individual trophy players

Fraser Durham Harry Lockwood Champion
Dave Philp Neil Bardal Champion
Bill Penwarden Jack McLean Champion
Tim Fulcher Ray Trinder Champion



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